Shared Ownership in Windsor and Maidenhead

If you love this part of the country just as much as we do and would love to call it your home but feel as though home ownership isn’t within your reach, then Shared Ownership homes in Windsor and Maidenhead may be able to help with those first steps onto the property ladder. Help to Buy homes in Windsor and Maidenhead could also make finding your ideal property in this wonderful area so much more achievable.

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Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council is the local authority for what is undoubtedly one of the most historic boroughs in the United Kingdom: the centre of which is, of course, a rather famous castle. And while you could hardly forget about St. George’s Chapel or the River Thames, it’s also home to many more incredible attractions, such as Frogmore House, Windsor Great Park and The Savill Garden.

Not only do these places help to build the character of the area and provide incredible scenery and places to explore, but they also create a sense of tranquillity that is so rare to find this close to the capital.

On top of these, there are also plenty of other fun-filled entertainment options and attractions that aren’t so steeped in history or importance. And that’s a good thing, as having theme parks, a watersports complex and the famous Ascot Racecourse to balance things out with a distinctly lighter tone gives Windsor and Maidenhead much greater appeal to all types of home buyers.

Really, that sums up why this is such a special area: it combines so much, so close to the thriving opportunities of London, that few other places can compete.