Shared Ownership new build homes in Woodley, Reading.

As a first-time buyer, you may feel concerned that the first step on the property ladder is out of your reach. Thankfully, Shared Ownership homes in Woodley can offer you a much-needed boost towards achieving your home ownership aspirations. Help to Buy homes in Woodley also provide affordable options for buyers looking to unlock the front door to their dream home.

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The name Woodley has an origin which roughly translates to ‘a clearing in a wood’, and we think that ancient description still sums up so much of what makes Woodley wonderful today. It feels like an escape from the world. The likes of South Lake, Redgrave Pinsent Rowing Lake, Highwood, Lavell’s Lake, Sonning Bridge, Alder Moors and many of the town’s other incredible natural assets feel untouched and unspoiled by the stresses of the modern world.

These areas also make Woodley feel unique from so much of the rest of the county and make it an ideal place for families seeking plenty of space and a healthy environment to roam around in. Of course, it’s also the perfect setting for anyone who simply wants to absorb the sights, sounds and experiences that these stunning areas have to offer.

It’s interesting because, in some instances, Woodley feels timeless. The places that inspired its name could just have easily sparked such revelation today. However, there is another side to Woodley which is distinctly affected by history, giving it a sense of depth and character.

This can be appreciated in the Museum of Berkshire Aviation, while the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology lovingly demonstrates how Woodley’s cultural scope reaches far beyond its borders. The town’s rich heritage can also be found in its buildings. One such example is the captivating gothic revival architecture of its congregational church, which stimulates just as much as it educates.

Perhaps most importantly though is how all these experiences have moulded Woodley into a community: one with a great passion for sports and excellent educational opportunities. This is another reason why this town is such a great place to raise a family.

On top of this, there are all the local businesses, meaning that Woodley might feel like an escape from the modern world in many respects, but it still retains its conveniences. Lastly, there are its neighbours. These include the likes of Sonning, Winnersh, Hurst, Charvil and Wokingham: all of which expand and enrich the lives of Woodley residents.