Shared Ownership in Worthing | Help to Buy in Worthing

A wonderfully diverse seaside town, Worthing has so much to offer to so many different kinds of people.

You could begin with the employment opportunities: Worthing has a massive services industry, especially in the financial sector; there’s plenty of career options for people with the right skillset who want to call Worthing their home. Plus, further opportunities elsewhere are aided by the town’s excellent public transport links, particularly the five railway stations which connect Worthing with the rest of the country.

Another reason so many people love to call Worthing home is its long love affair with art and culture. It has been the scenic backdrop of many films over the years thanks to its distinctive charms. Today, it brings its own cultural creations to the world through the likes of the Worthing Museum and Art Gallery and Connaught Theatre.

There’s also plenty of amazing historical sites and fun family attractions to explore, as well as enough bars, restaurants and pubs to keep your taste buds tingling for a lifetime.

For those who think purchasing their own home isn’t within their grasps, Shared Ownership homes in Worthing can help people take that important first step on the property ladder. Help to Buy homes in Worthing can also help potential purchasers find a home in an area they love, and finally find a place to call their own.

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