Censeo Financial: Why do mortgage rates change so often?

Specialist brokers discuss the various factors behind mortgage rate fluctuations

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Mortgage rates

Mortgage rates in the UK do change frequently, due to a variety of factors such as changes in the Bank of England’s base rate, inflation, economic growth, global events, political instability, and market competition among lenders.

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is responsible for setting the base interest rate, which can have a significant impact on mortgage rates. If the MPC decides to lower the base rate, it could lead to lower mortgage rates. The Bank of England’s base rate is the interest rate that determines the cost of borrowing money for financial institutions, and when this rate changes, it can directly affect mortgage rates. If the bank increases interest rates, mortgage rates may rise as well.

Inflation and economic growth also have an impact on mortgage rates as they affect the demand for borrowing and the supply of money available for lending. If the economy is growing, and the demand for credit increases, mortgage rates may rise. If there is an increase in inflation, the Bank of England may raise interest rates to keep inflation under control, and this can lead to higher mortgage rates which is what we are seeing at present.

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Political instability and global events can also cause lenders to review and adjust their rates to remain competitive or respond to economic uncertainty. Additionally, market competition and lender policies can also affect mortgage rates. Lenders may adjust their rates based on market demand, competition, and funding costs.

Interest rates can rise or fall, currently we are seeing mortgage rates increasing, often with lenders giving less than 24 hours notice. It’s therefore vitally important that you have all your documents available for your mortgage appointment if you are considering a mortgage product to prevent disappointment. Any delay can see your monthly mortgage payments increase and, in some cases, make affordability an issue.

It’s essential to note that mortgage rates can fluctuate due to various factors described, and therefore it is essential to keep track of the mortgage market and seek professional advice from a mortgage broker like Censeo when making mortgage-related decisions.

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