Tops Tips: 10 ways to organise your home

10 easy ways to get your home in order

We’re all guilty of it – holding onto things that we no longer want or need in our home, whether it be broken trinkets, old clothes or worn out kitchen appliances. However, your stuff doesn’t need to rule your life! Check out our top ten ways to get your home back in order and your space will soon be a haven of organisation.


Home Sweet Home

Find a place for every item to help avoid things piling up on counters or tables. If it’s something you frequently use – we’re talking cups, plates, saucepans and the like – just make sure its easily accessible. With the exception of trinkets and decorative pieces that you like out on display, everything else should have its own little living space.


One In, One Out

This phrase gets thrown around quite a lot when it comes to getting organised, but it does work! If you buy something new, throwing out an older duplicate will help to beat clutter and keep your valuable storage space as clear as possible. And let’s be honest – you probably don’t need to keep hold of five wooden spoons and seven spatulas.


Clutter Conundrum

We’re looking for simple but effective solutions here. Tidy up cluttered shelves with baskets and trays that complement the room while hiding all of your bits and bobs inside. Other ideas include removing CD’s and DVD’s from their old cases and storing them in a disk binder, or keeping large lidded boxes under the bed to tuck away your winter clothes or clean bedding.


Calendar Countdown

Rid yourself of desk calendars and take a little bit of time to go through your computer or phone calendar instead, adding in important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and special events. You can even set yourself reminders for the week before to ensure that you’re always ahead of the card-writing and present-buying game!


Organisation Station

Rather than having random notes and memo pads scattered around your home, why not turn the inside of a cupboard door into a organisation station! Trim down chalkboard vinyl and fit it to the back of the door, giving yourself space to jot down your shopping list, to do list and even the WiFi password.


Caddy Control

Rather than using up shelf space, why not invest in a plastic caddy or designated basket to store all of your cleaning supplies? Pack it full and store it under the kitchen sink or hide it away in the hallway cupboard. Plus, you’ll be able to carry the caddy from room to room with you, rather than juggling multiple bottles!


Separate Space

Rather than fighting through piles of washing or searching for stray socks around the house, invest in two wash baskets (or a two-compartment hamper) and pop the light and dark clothes in their own separate space when you’re finished with them.

White sheets hanging from the washing line in a garden


Bin It

Keep a bin in every room so there’s always a place to throw away wrappers or screwed up bits of paper. Pop one in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, study – everywhere! There’s plenty of different types of bin too so you can always choose one that compliments the style of each and every room.


Streamline Shopping

Whether you prefer to pin to a cork board or write in your own recipe book, jot down an ingredients list for a number of different meals all in one place. This will save on random scraps of paper being misplaced and lost around your home; you can then alternate between these on a weekly basis which will even help to streamline both meal planning and your grocery shopping!


Disappearing Documents

Keep hard copies of all your important documents together in a binded folder or box. Store this somewhere that you’ll remember and it will soon become your go to place for birth certificates, passports, insurance documents and other important paperwork!

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