RANKED: The UK’s Most Pet-Friendly Cities

Which areas have the most garden space, dog parks, vets and dog-friendly pubs? Read on as we reveal the UK’s most pet-friendly cities!

Under the new legislation, renters can more easily own pets. Meanwhile, the pandemic inspired many to find new four-legged friends. With a pet in more than 62% of households in the UK, pet-friendly locations are more sought-after than ever.

Nottingham has the greatest number of pet owners

With the country’s highest population of pet owners, data shows residents of Nottingham are most likely to share their home with a fluffy family member.

Ranking City The Population of Pet Owners*
1 Nottingham 51%
2 Edinburgh 50%
2 Glasgow 50%
3 Exeter 49%
3 Bath 49%
4 Durham 47%
5 Leicester 45%
6 Manchester 43%
7 Cambridge 41%
8 City of London 35%
9 Oxford 26%
10 Brighton 19%
11 York 19%
12 Liverpool 17%


*Based on population data using groomarts.com


Exeter has the highest number of properties with gardens

If you’re looking for a new family home with a large garden for you and your furry friends to enjoy, explore houses for sale in Exeter – this winning city has the most properties with gardens in the UK.

Ranking City Houses with Gardens*
1 Exeter 99%
2 Bath 95%
3 Nottingham 79%
4 Edinburgh 75%
5 City of London 65%
6 Liverpool 63%
7 Durham 60%
7 York 60%
8 Manchester 42%
9 Cambridge 39%
10 Glasgow 33%
11 Brighton 27%
12 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 24%
13 Oxford 17%
14 Leicester 16%


*Based on data collected via ONS data sources.

Liverpool has the most parks and green spaces

You’ll never be short of finding green spaces in Liverpool as you can choose from 151 different parks and open areas. Whether you want to go for a game of catch or a morning walk with your dog, you’ve got plenty of choices here.

Ranking City Number of Parks & Green Spaces Per Person*
1 Liverpool 151
2 Leicester 90
3 Bath 31
4 Durham 130
5 York 33
6 Exeter 19
7 Manchester 28
8 City of London 53
9 Glasgow 43
10 Cambridge 8
11 Oxford 8
12 Brighton 25
13 Newcastle-upon-Tyne 32
14 Edinburgh 13
15 Nottingham 9


*Based on data collected via city and council official websites and weighted alongside city populations via Wikipedia in 2022.


The City of London has the most vets for your pets

As the place with the highest ratio of vets to pet owners in the country, you’ll be thrilled to know your four-legged friend can access the best care money can buy in the City of London.

Ranking City  Vets to Pet Owners Ratio*
1 City of London 227
2 Manchester 84
3 Oxford 58
4 Exeter 41
5 Bath 22
6 Leicester 43
7 Durham 71
8 Cambridge 18
9 Brighton 73
10 Newcastle-upon-Tyne 58
11 Edinburgh 34
12 Liverpool 14
13 Nottingham 34
14 Glasgow 19
15 York 2


*Based on data collected via Find a Vet Directory and weighted alongside city populations via Wikipedia in 2022.


Glasgow has the most dog-friendly pubs

Whether you live in Glasgow or choose to visit the city for a small getaway break – you’ll be glad to know your pups are most welcome! With a whopping 824 dog-friendly pubs in Glasgow, you’ll never have to think twice about leaving your dog home for a night out with mates.

Ranking City  Dog-Friendly Pubs to Population Ratio*
1 Glasgow 824
2 Cambridge 152
3 Exeter 79
4 Brighton 345
5 City of London 211
6 Oxford 55
7 Liverpool 70
8 Nottingham 183
9 Manchester 48
10 York 46
11 Bath 12
12 Edinburgh 28
13 Leicester 13
14 Durham 17
15 Newcastle-upon-Tyne 9


*Based on data collected via Dog Friendly [category ‘Pubs’] and weighted alongside city populations via Wikipedia in 2022.


THE RESULTS: Which city is the most pet-friendly in the UK?


what is the most pet-friendly city in the UK?



Exeter is the most pet-friendly city of 2022

Exeter outranks every other city in the UK as the most pet-friendly place in the country, scoring high in all our pet-friendly criteria. The historic city ranks in the top three for the number of pet owners per city and the highest number of gardens per property, which helped the area to become the most pet-friendly city.

You can also find yourself surrounded by various pet-friendly accommodations, cafes, and restaurants, with plenty of opportunities to walk off lead.

Although some beaches only allow dogs at certain times of the year, there are still plenty of places to take your pooch. The Exe Estuary is famous for walkers and birdwatchers, with various types of birds and wildfowl visiting throughout the year.


Are you looking to include a furry friend in your new home?

If you’re planning on purchasing a Shared Ownership property, there are sometimes rules on whether pets are allowed based on the home you’re buying.

Every housing provider will have their own terms and conditions surrounding this, which you can discuss with them beforehand. However, the terms of your lease will also outline whether you can keep pets in your home and may even specify the type of pets allowed.