Shared Ownership Staircasing Calculator

If you already own a Shared Ownership property, and want to increase your share - possibly all the way to 100% - then this process is called 'staircasing'.

Our Staircasing Calculator enables you to find out if you are likely to have enough equity in your home to purchase an increased share, and also provides an estimate of the monthly repayments of the revised mortgage and rent.

Property valuation

Our staircasing calculator can provide an estimated value for your property. The estimated value is supplied by PropertyData and is to be used for research purposes only and may have a margin or error. If you wish to staircase you will be required to get a valuation from a RICS accredited surveyor. Your housing provider may require the surveyor comes from their panel of approved firms.

Our monthly cost estimate
In estimating the likely monthly cost of any new mortgage, we run the information you enter into the calculator via our live database of mortgages rates available in the market today, and use this data to find a mortgage rate that reflects the new share purchased.

This is not a guarantee that in practice you would be able to apply for such a rate, nor is this a recommendation that the rate used would be the best product for you because you would have to take into account a range of items when choosing a mortgage, such as fees.

Speak to specialist staircasing mortgage broker

If you would like to discuss staircasing with a specialist mortgage broker click here.

Key Information
  • Share to Buy are not financial advisors, and this tool is to be used for research purposes only.
  • The minimum ‘equity’ required to staircase depends on the lending criteria of mortgage providers prepared to offer staircasing remortgages. Our confirmation that you should or should not be able to staircase assumes that you could obtain a mortgage with such lenders.
  • This staircasing calculator cannot be used as a guarantee of obtaining a mortgage and is simply confirming whether the amount of equity you possess could theoretically support staircasing to a higher share.
What are the benefits of staircasing?

The main benefit of staircasing is that it increases the share of the property you own, and reduces the amount of rent you are required to pay.

Can I increase my share all the way to 100%

Most Shared Ownership leases will allow for 100% staircasing, but you should check your lease first.

Can I speak to a staircasing mortgage broker?

Yes, we have details of a specialist broker here.

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