Shared Ownership Staircasing

Buy more shares in your Shared Ownership home

If you’re a current shared owner who is looking to buy a higher percentage in your home, Share to Buy can help! Use our staircasing calculator to see if you can buy more shares, access handy FAQs and guides, and find financial and legal experts to help with next steps.

Staircasing Calculator
See if you have enough equity in your home to increase your share.
Staircasing Guide
Learn about the staircasing process and how you can buy more shares.
Contact a Mortgage Broker
Contact a specialist staircasing mortgage broker.
Find a Solicitor
Contact a specialist Shared Ownership solicitor.
Can I afford to staircase?

Our quick to use Shared Ownership Staircasing Calculator can give you an indicative idea of whether you have enough equity in your Shared Ownership home to proceed with staircasing, and will show you the likely new monthly costs including your mortgage.

How do I find a Shared Ownership mortgage?

Our easy to use Shared Ownership mortgages comparison tool enables you to search across the mortgage market for a Shared Ownership mortgage affordable to you.

To discuss your options, you may also wish to speak with a specialist Shared Ownership mortgage broker.