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At Share to Buy, we strive to provide all potential buyers with the tools needed to find a home to call their own. Through our website, you’ll be able to search for properties, compare mortgages and learn all about Shared Ownership and Help to Buy using our helpful FAQs and guides. This ensures that our customers are not only more confident in their home buying options, but the types of properties and services that are available to them.

Take a moment to see what some of our customers have to say about their experience with Share to Buy!



“A friend who had used the scheme previously suggested that I looked into Shared Ownership, so I started my search online and came across Share to Buy. All the information I could have ever needed was on there; it became my bible.”

Find out more about Renata’s story here.





“I’d got it into my head that finding a Shared Ownership home would be quite a painstaking process, but Share to Buy made it so easy. I liked that you could do everything online – there was no posting off forms or long phone calls.”

Find out more about Annika’s story here.





“I’d almost given up hope of ever owning in central London. A friend then told me about Shared Ownership, and a quick online search into the scheme led me to the Share to Buy website. I cannot recommend it enough, as without their help I still don’t think I would be a homeowner!”

Find out more about Laura’s story here.





“With home ownership, it’s easy to become disheartened but once you seek advice and look at all the options, it’s not as daunting or as stressful as it can be portrayed. I bought with just a £6,000 deposit and now my monthly payments including bills is just £1,060!”

Find out more about RoxAnne’s story here.





“My advice for first time buyers would be to sign up to the Share to Buy website to find the kind of property that you’d be looking to buy. There’s definitely no way that I would have been able to buy a property without the Shared Ownership scheme.”

Find out more about Hannah’s story here.





“There’s a staircasing calculator on the Share to Buy website that you can use to check whether or not you can buy any other shares. I checked and got an answer back that I could staircase to 100% so I decided to do that!!”

Find out more about Kenneth’s story here.





“I know that I made sacrifices to buy my flat, so it makes it all worth it when I return home from a business trip or holiday, and feel a sense of pride and love for where I live. I would not have been able to get onto the housing ladder if it wasn’t for Shared Ownership”

Find out more about Claire’s story here.


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