Shared Ownership in Houlton

If you’re a first time buyer, it can often feel as though home ownership is beyond your reach. With Shared Ownership homes in Houlton though, that doesn’t have to be the case. They can help you finally take that vital first step onto the property ladder. Help to Buy homes in Houlton also make a great choice for buyers looking to lay down roots in locations they are proud to call home.

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If you’re looking at places to live, even if you are in Warwickshire, there’s a chance you haven’t yet heard of Houlton. If so, that’s pretty understandable because this housing development is about as new as they come. In fact, the first residents only began living here in the last month of 2017. However, it’s already set to look like a thriving community, with over 6,000 houses expected by the end of the development.

This offers an amazing opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new community: one where the communal factor is already being taken seriously. There is already a restored farmhouse being used as a visitor’s centre, a restaurant and cafe, a new primary school, a community centre and even an adventure play area nearby. Not only that but a secondary school and a G.P. surgery are in development, with further transport links also being created to make access to the town centre even easier.

And let’s talk about those surrounding areas for a moment because although the things we can see happening in Houlton are exciting, it’s important to remember that this housing development is not an island. It’s perfectly situated next to some of the most remarkable parts of the country. There’s the beautiful village of Crick and the historic town of Rugby nearby, where you will also find direct trains to London, Glasgow, Birmingham and more. Houlton isn’t just expanding but it’s also about expanding your horizons.

Access to so much means that you can enjoy everything Houlton already has to offer – and will soon be able to offer, as more developments bear fruit – as well as opportunities and experiences throughout the country. In fact, Houlton itself is not without its own history, despite being such a new development.

The site sits upon what was Rugby Radio Station, home of the first transatlantic telephone call from Houlton, Maine in the United States. Hence where this housing estate gets its name. Clearly, this is an area which has had huge ambitions for several decades. And if you have sky high expectations for your home, Houlton could just be the place.