Shared Ownership in South East England

If you’re a first-time buyer, you may feel worried that your home ownership ambitions are out of reach. Thankfully, Shared Ownership home in the South East can bring that vital first step onto the property ladder closer. Help to Buy homes in the South East also offer fantastically affordable options to buyers from all walks of life.

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There’s so much that makes the South East of England special that it can be hard to know where to begin. Just look at some of the incredible areas which this wonderful part of the country boasts. Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey: every single one of these locations has its own captivating array of things to do, see and experience. We would require at least a novelette to begin to describe them. When you put them all together, you know you’ve found somewhere like no other.

With so much diversity, it can be challenging to give an overview of all this charming part of the country has to offer. All we will say is that we can merely scratch the surface here, so vast is the depth of experiences it provides to visitors and residents alike.

There is, of course, its sensational countryside. Everywhere from the New Fort and the South Downs to the Chiltern Hills and the North Downs are the kinds of areas where artists get inspired and nature lovers lose themselves. There’s also the history of the South East. Not only does this provide us with so many astounding feats of architecture – like Windsor Castle, Leeds Castle and Blenheim Palace, to give but a couple of examples – but it also gives this part of the country its own individual sense of culture and identity.

This brings all these communities together, as well as adding to the appeal of the UK as a whole. You don’t need to be a history expert to appreciate that. And with each location within the South East being so different from the rest, you could spend years exploring all the intricacies of what makes these places tick and never run out of fascinating things to discover.

It’s also a practical place to live, with some of the greatest educational establishments in the country across all levels. That’s not to mention the transport links, which further stretches its employment opportunities to provide greater versatility in options for its residents. And that’s just the start. Add to that all the theatres, the love of sport, the amazing restaurants – and we haven’t even gotten around to the White Cliffs of Dover yet!

There’s more to the South East than can be written down, even with a million words. That’s because this is an area that never stops moving forward. It’s an ongoing adventure, and the only way to really get involved is to stop reading and start experiencing it for yourself. Only then can you get below the surface of this astounding slice of the country.