Accessibility in cities – where are the most accessible cities in the UK?

What are the most accessible cities in the UK?

Shopping around for your first home often means considering factors like transport links, local amenities, and price points. But if you are someone who lives with a disability you’ll also need to think about how accessible your new city is. While there are up to one in four people in the UK with a disability, not all cities are designed with these important considerations in mind.

Looking for an accessible home city to make everyday life easier? Check out our rundown of some of the most accessible cities in the UK.


Given how many people are drawn to life in the capital, it’s perhaps not surprising to hear that it’s one of the most accessible cities in the UK. From its variety of entertainment venues to convenient travel options, it’s a city designed with everyone in mind. This means if you are planning on living in London, you’ll never have to look too far for disabled facilities including toilets, parking spaces or accessible attractions. Learn more about accessibility on the underground including step-free and wheelchair access.


Manchester is a fantastic place to live, packed full of trendy attractions, great restaurants, and a vibrant culture that makes it popular among young professionals. But as well as being a lively city to live in, Manchester is one of the most accessible cities in the UK. With easily accessible transport options like Metrolink trams and streets that are designed for wheelchair users, you’ll never have to worry about getting your daily essentials. Learn more about transport accessibility in Manchester.


Oxford might be best known for its iconic University and literary history, but it’s also known for its commitment to accessibility. Should you choose to live in Oxford, you’ll soon have the opportunity to explore a variety of accessible attractions, like Radcliffe Square and Oxford Castle. Oxford is also graced with plenty of disabled parking space availability and was ranked highly for its wheelchair accessible taxis. Learn more information on accessibility in Oxford.


If you want a living area with a strong community spirit and entertainment options, Norwich is a great place to call home. This charming city boasts plenty of accessible entertainment venues, whether you want to catch a show at The Norwich Playhouse or immerse yourself in history at Norwich Castle, formerly a prison in the 19th century. Of all the cities in the UK, Norwich is also particularly good with its range of wheelchair-accessible taxis, as well as public parking spaces. Learn more about accessibility in Norwich.

St Albans

If you want to live in a city steeped in history, St Albans in Hertfordshire could be the perfect place to settle down. With a village-like community and London in touching distance, it opens up doors to a varied and enriching lifestyle. What you might not know is that St Albans is also a very accessible city to live in. With a high number of accessible restaurants and hotels, St Albans is a city where convenience is the order of the day. Learn more about accessibility in St Albans.


Living in Chichester means being surrounded by the gentle countryside surroundings of West Sussex, while enjoying the ease of visiting the capital whenever you please. But should you choose to call this area home, you’ll also benefit from a range of different accessible options. Chichester consistently gets ranked as one of the most accessible cities in the UK, ranking especially high with its accessible restaurants, and the public disabled toilets available. This means you can enjoy the peace and quiet of your surroundings, with disabled facilities that give you full peace of mind. Learn more about accessibility in Chichester.


With a picturesque dockside and a strong musical heritage as the home of The Beatles, Liverpool has grown in stature as a popular place to live. If you require accessibility support, you’ll be delighted to hear that Liverpool is also one of the more accessible cities in the UK. Liverpool has the highest number of wheelchair-accessible taxis floating in the UK, making it easy to get in and around this special city. There are also a ton of accessible attractions to enjoy, including The World Museum and Liverpool Cathedral. Learn more about accessibility in Liverpool.


Few things beat the luxury of living near the seaside. And with a home in Brighton you can truly enjoy the best of both worlds, swapping the beach for the city centre at a moment’s notice. Located in East Sussex, Brighton ranks highly for the number of accessible and disabled toilets in the city, as well as accessible attractions like The Royal Pavilion and Brighton Palace Pier. Discover the very best that Brighton has to offer, without worrying about accessibility. Learn more about accessibility in Brighton.

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