Wood Floor Warehouse: Five ways to make your décor last longer

Essential TLC practices you can incorporate to keep your home looking fresh

When you live in a home and have bought a lot of furniture and appliances that you want to keep as you like them, and don’t want to continually replace them, it can be useful to know some tips and tricks. In this guide, we explore the essential TLC practices you should incorporate to make your décor last longer. 

Dust regularly

Dusting knick-knacks, furniture, ceiling fans, and shelving helps prevent dust build up which can cause wear, dull surfaces, or damage over time. To keep your home nice and clean, you should aim to dust every one to two weeks. When you dust regularly, it protects your furniture and surfaces from damage as dust that accumulates can scratch wooden furniture. It also wears down and fades the surfaces of materials like leather, metal, synthetics, etc. Dusting helps preserve these surfaces. 

Another reason is that it helps maintain indoor air quality. Dust contains allergens and particles that can get kicked into the air causing issues for people with sensitivities or respiratory conditions when it builds up. So, if you control the dust in your home, it helps promote cleaner, healthier air.  

Rearrange furniture

Moving furniture allows you to clean under and behind it regularly as this type of cleaning prevents dirt from grinding into the floors and walls which can lead to costly repairs. As well as that, it creates a fresh decorative feel making you feel better in your home with a new layout as the same one can sometimes be boring.  

Rearranging furniture can prevent indentations and colour fading in flooring. Permanent impressions and material fading under furniture legs or corners become eyesores so rotating the layouts gives the flooring a break. 

Wash fabrics gently

Curtains, pillows, and upholstered furniture should be vacuumed first and then washed gently according to label instructions to prevent damage. To do this safely you should use cold water and minimal detergent. Doing things such as line or flat drying is best to avoid shrinkage or damage so that it lasts longer in your home.  

It can extend the lifespan of the product so that you are not constantly having to buy something new. When washed according to material care instructions with mild detergent, cool water, and gentle cycles, household fabrics like curtains, blankets, and upholstery last longer before needing replacement. To keep the colours brighter you should use hot water and strong detergent strip dyes causing fading.  

Washing with care gives fabrics longer lives, preserves their charm and quality longer, and reduces unnecessary waste and expense. It only takes small simple adjustments to laundry routines to extend your favourite fabrics.  

If you want décor that lasts a lifetime, engineered flooring is a classic look that looks fabulous in any home.

Condition leather

Leather should be conditioned regularly with leather cleaner and conditioner to prevent cracking and drying. To keep it clean you should apply the conditioner every three to six months but always test the products that is going to be used first. 

Leather conditioning oils moisturise leather to keep it from becoming dried out and brittle over time. The conditioner replaces the natural oils that can get depleted from leather through regular use and exposure keeping it nice. The conditioner forms a protective barrier on the surface of the leather. This barrier prevents stains from penetrating deeply and can make stains easier to wipe off and it also makes the leather more resistant to dirt, grease, and water spots.

Inspect for damage

You should consider checking pieces for scratches, dents, worn spots, or other damage periodically and address the issues quickly to avoid the problem getting worse. Regular inspections allow you to spot minor issues before they become bigger, more costly problems. For example, you can find a small crack in wood, or a little leather worn early and seal or patch it instead of it getting worse and eventually having to replace it.  

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