Jargon Busting: Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership explained in 30 seconds

What do I need to know about the part-buy part-rent scheme?

As part of our Jargon Busting in 30 seconds or less mini-series, we’ve taken a look at Shared Ownership and what the scheme actually involves.

Shared Ownership, also known as part-buy part-rent – allows buyers to purchase a share of a home, paying a mortgage on the share they own and rent on the remainder to a housing association. The scheme is great for those who are looking to buy but can’t quite afford to purchase a home on the open market.

With Shared Ownership, the purchaser only needs to get a mortgage for the share they own (not the full amount of the property) meaning that the amount of money required for a deposit is usually much lower compared to purchasing outright.

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