Safety and the City – where are the safest cities in the UK?

Safety in the City – UK safest cities to live

Once you’ve decided on price points and property types, safety is one of the most crucial considerations when it comes to deciding where to live. While you can find transport links and green spaces all over the UK, knowing that you live in a safe area is vital to your peace of mind, and even getting a good night’s sleep!

Want to rest assured knowing you’ve bought a home in a secure city? Here’s a run-down of some of the safest cities in the UK:

The safest cities in the UK:

  • Plymouth
  • Brighton
  • Dorset
  • Devon
  • London
  • Liverpool
  • Cambridge
  • York


If you want to be as comfortable as possible in your home city, buying a Shared Ownership home in Plymouth is a no-brainer. The city was ranked as the safest place to live in a recent census, which considered factors like crime levels, ambulance response times, and the number of car accidents. But Plymouth isn’t just a safe place to live – you can also expect a lively way of life, stunning seaside locales, and a bustling city centre that has everything you need.


There’s something about the seaside that just inspires a sense of calm and security. In Brighton, you can rest assured knowing that you are living in one of the safest cities in the UK. Known for the Brighton & Hove Pride Festival and its famous gay village, Brighton is especially welcoming to people from the LGBTQ+ community, there’s a reason why people from all kinds of backgrounds are drawn to living here. Choosing a Shared Ownership property in Brighton could be the best move you ever make.


Dorset is probably best known for its stunning coastline, and lazy summer stays by the beach. However, it’s also growing as a popular living city, with the prospect of job opportunities and a thriving tourist industry in nearby Bournemouth. With a rate of just 66.2 crimes per 1,000 people, this is a city where you can really enjoy peace of mind. Explore Shared Ownership properties in Dorset.


With its friendly locals and peaceful way of life, you may not be shocked to hear that Devon is one of the safer cities in the UK. This charming holiday destination boasts just 58.9 crimes per 1,000 people and stands out with its low levels of theft and burglary. The area is also a magnet for the tourist industry, drawing in holiday revellers with its great beaches and surfing opportunities. So if you’re looking for a safe yet exciting place to live (and enjoy its famous clotted cream), Shared Ownership in Devon has got you covered.


You might not think it at first glance, but London continues to be one of the safest cities to live in the UK. With one of the highest populations in the UK, the capital ranks high purely for the amount of emergency services and precautions available. For example, there is a huge amount of security cameras and doctors relative to the population. Throw in the added bonus of a lively way of life, and endless entertainment options, and it’s no surprise why Shared Ownership in London continues to be a popular option for many.


Known as a hub of culture and entertainment (and the home of The Beatles), there’s a lot to love about living in Liverpool. Crucially, it’s also a safe environment to buy a home, with a high amount of security cameras, fast emergency response times and an LGBTQ+ friendly environment. Liverpool is home to one of the biggest LGBTQ+ populations in the UK, and caters to this demographic with an extensive calendar of events. This means that everyone can enjoy a welcoming place to call home, with Shared Ownership in Liverpool.


You probably know Cambridge for its illustrious University, but did you know it’s also one of the safest living cities in the UK? Impressively, Cambridge scored the best for its crime rate, with a rate of just 22.6 per 1,000 people, and a real lack of anti-social behaviour and violence. That means if you buy a Shared Ownership home in Cambridge, you can be pretty confident in your own safety and security.


When you buy a home, being safe and confident in your possessions is paramount. Thankfully, with a Shared Ownership home in York, you can rest assured knowing that you are living in one of the safest cities for theft and burglary. York has a rate of just 0.52 burglaries per 1,000 people, as well as just 24.1 crimes per 1,000 people. You’ll be able to head out of your door and explore the culture and history of York, without worrying about the security of your home.

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Information correct at time of publishing on 17/01/2024.