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Shared ownership mortgage calculator

For part buy part rent mortgages (including new build homebuy and resales)

Our facebook site contains a shared ownership mortgage calculator for the part rent part buy scheme. The calculator estimates how much a shared ownership mortgage might cost you, and also, whether the amount you are seeking is realistic. Our Facebook calculator is separate from lenders' own affordability assessments and is not linked at all to the HCA's affordability calculator that housing associations will use to assess you - such assessments are when you are nearer to actually buying. Our facebook shared ownership calculator is very much for initial research. Alternatively, if you have done some initial research and are looking for a specific shared ownership mortgage, you can use our comparison site for part buy part rent schemes to start searching for shared ownership mortgages.

Latest News

New 95% Exclusive Shared Ownership Mortgage

15th April 2014

Share to Buy is pleased to launch a brand new 95% shared ownership mortgage

We are confident that this is one of the most competitive products available for shared ownership with a 5% deposit and it is only available via Share to Buy’s mortgage team, it’s NOT available on the high street. 


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FIRST STEPS Homes Show: latest news

7th March 2014

We are able to confirm it now looks like we will have a total of 30 stands on display at the FIRST STEPS Homes Show on April 12th, which Share to Buy is once again hosting in central London.
This is a FREE event formally endorsed by the Mayor of London which includes a whole range of London-based affordable housing providers PLUS a broker area with around 30 mortgage specialists on hand for a one-to-one discussion with attendees. This compares to 23 stands and 12 brokers last year.  To read more about the show and register click here

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FAQs: how much deposit?

For any house deposit, including shared ownership and part rent part buy, how much you are required to raise will ultimately depend on your circumstances but here we attempt to provide some generic answers.

How much deposit do I need for shared ownership?

You can potentially buy a share on a part-buy part-rent basis with as little as 5% deposit.

For a shared equity mortgage how much deposit do I need?

Again, potentially 5% but on shared equity schemes you may be able to access 75% LTV mortgages with your 5% deposit rather than 95% for part buy part rent. Please note that this is not a shared equity mortgage calculator.

How much deposit/mortgage do I need with adverse credit?

You are more likely to pass a credit check the larger your deposit, but applicants with serious adverse credit may fail regardless of the size of their deposit. As such, it is not possible to specify a figure.

How much deposit would I need for a mortgage on a new build property?

Many lenders require larger deposits for new build properties than on second hand. With shared ownership there are lenders who will consider a 5% deposit on both new build and second hand but, typically, the high street banks would want deposit in the region of 20-30% for a new build flat on shared ownership compared to 15% if second hand. With new build houses high street banks can be more generous and may consider a 10% deposit.

How much deposit will I need for a mortgage where one of the applicants does not have permanent right to remain?

For shared ownership, we would estimate 20% deposit in this case.

How much deposit do I need for a house purchase with shared ownership where I cannot ever staircase to 100% ownership?

Lending policy in this case is complex but the minimum is likely to be 10% and in practice may be 15%+.

How much deposit to buy a house with FirstBuy?

This is a shared equity scheme and should generally accept a five percent deposit.

How much deposit do first time buyers need?

On the open market this is likely to start at ten percent (though there is very limited availability of 95% mortgages for first time buyers). For shared ownership and shared equity, including FirstBuy, 5% deposits should be possible in standard cases.

How much deposit do you need for a house purchase as a second time buyer?

In most cases first time buyer and latter time buyer deposits will not vary but for specific schemes, such as shared ownership or FirstBuy, there may be a requirement to be a first time buyer that is separate to any mortgage lenders’ general criteria.

How much deposit do I need to buy a house on a second hand shared ownership ‘resale’ basis?

Second hand resales tend to require lower deposits than new build and will start from 5%. In terms of how much deposit you need for mortgages on the open market where the property is second hand, this starts from 10% in most cases.

How much deposit is needed to buy a house abroad?

Please seek advice on this point from an independent financial adviser with experience of overseas property purchases.

How much deposit is needed to buy a house that has been converted?

This depends. If the house has been converted and is now regarded as new, e.g. there is a builders’ guarantee in place, lenders may also regard this as new build and require larger deposits of at least 10% but often 15/20% from the high street banks.

A shared mortgage calculator like the one featured above can provide a good starting point when you need to figure out how much deposit you will need for your purchase.


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