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For over 15 years, Censeo Financial has been providing an award-winning customer experience to affordable housing providers and property purchasers.

Censeo were set up as a mortgage provider specialising in delivering mortgage advice to first time buyers and have since become a recognisable and trusted brand helping thousands of people to buy their first home.

Looking to get on the property ladder? Learn about affordability and the mortgage process with Censeo’s collection of financial blogs.

Censeo Financial: Getting ready to buy your Shared Ownership home
A step-by-step guide to buying a Shared Ownership home.
December 20th, 2023.
Censeo Financial: The Shared Ownership mortgage process
A step-by-step guide to buying a Shared Ownership home.
November 15th, 2023.
Censeo Financial: Why does a lender need a property valuation?
Specialist brokers discuss lenders and mortgage valuations.
October 30th, 2023.
Censeo Financial: Understanding the significance of credit scores in mortgage applications
Specialist brokers discuss credit scores and mortgage applications.
September 13th, 2023.
Censeo Financial: Which mortgages have better rates?
Specialist brokers discuss fixed rates and loan-to-value mortgages.
August 12th, 2023.
Censeo Financial: Why do mortgage rates change so often?
Specialist brokers discuss the various factors behind mortgage rate fluctuations.
June 28th, 2023.
Censeo Financial: How much do I need to cover the cost of buying?
The experts help navigate the financial aspects of homeownership.
May 24th, 2023.
Shared Ownership affordability and sustainability
The specialists discuss what is affordable and sustainable to first time buyers when purchasing a Shared Ownership home.
April 19th, 2023.
A Finance Expert’s Guide to Shared Ownership
Rupi Hunjan, Censeo Financial’s Managing Director, answers your burning questions about Shared Ownership.
March 24th, 2023.
The role of a mortgage broker
Find out how a specialist broker such as Censeo can help you during the buying process.
February 22nd, 2023.
Specialist Shared Ownership mortgage broker
Learn how working with a specialist mortgage broker can assist first time buyers looking to buy through Shared Ownership.
January 25th, 2023.
Buying a Shared Ownership home in 2023
An overview of 2022 and what first time buyers can expect when buying a home in the New Year.
December 19th, 2022.
A complete guide to mortgages
Specialist Shared Ownership broker helps break down the different mortgage product offerings.
October 19th, 2022.
Five reasons why you should use a specialist mortgage broker
Mortgage brokers offer in-depth knowledge, access to lenders, exclusive deals and more.
September 21st, 2022.
Buying your Shared Ownership home
Top tips for successfully securing your home in 2022 as first time buyer.
August 12th, 2022.
What is affordable and sustainable when buying through Shared Ownership?
Information on Shared Ownership mortgages and affordability.
July 30th, 2022.
Getting ready to buy your Shared Ownership home
A guide to getting on the property ladder, discussing Shared Ownership, credit scores and deposits.
June 25th, 2022.

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