Shared Ownership in Chiltern District Council

Many first-time buyers may think that their property aspirations just aren’t achievable. For those people, Shared Ownership homes in Chiltern can help them to get their foot on the ladder. Help to Buy homes in Chiltern can also be of benefit to potential buyers who are feeling unsure of what properties are available to them.

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One of four examples of districts in the bountiful country of Buckinghamshire is the area ran by Chiltern District Council. It benefits from the same gorgeous surroundings, excellent transport options and other wonderful attractions that its three sister areas also enjoy. However, Chiltern boasts its own distinctive twist, affording the place a sense of personality and individuality that can only manifest through the histories of its many parishes.

Whether you’re looking to move to the tranquil market town of Amersham, dwell in the prosperity of the four Bs of Chesham – boots, beer, brushes and Baptists –, or fall in love with the twee architecture or Penn, you can rest assured that wherever in Chiltern you choose, there’s plenty of beauty and intrigue awaiting you. Of course, a huge part of that beauty has to do with the gorgeous greenery found all around you in the county, alongside the stunning architecture that gives so much colour and life to its peaceful, natural splendour.

On top of all that, it’s also a very practical place to live, thanks to its assortments of pubs, shops, cafes, restaurants and for its place in the London commuter belt. This convenient location opens up its residents to more potential careers than many rural areas can offer.