Mortgage Comparison Tool: Update

Our Mortgage Comparison tool is temporarily unavailable. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, mortgage lenders are currently severely curtailing their mortgage lending.  The mortgage picker is therefore no longer usable and is likely to remain so until the restrictions imposed by the Government are relaxed.

Following the introduction of the Government’s measures to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, mortgage lending in has been considerably disrupted. Mortgage lenders are required to obtain a valuation on properties to be mortgaged and, following government advice regarding unnecessary travelling and social distancing, most survey companies have subsequently cancelled all surveys for at least the next three weeks. Please note that this could well be extended.

Many mortgage lenders are having problems with staffing levels and the expected demand for mortgage holidays from existing borrowers. Lenders are reacting to these problems in different ways such as:


  • Restricting mortgage products to slow the rate of new applications.
  • Restricting the number of new applications that they accept.
  • Restricting applications to those with a minimum deposit of 40%.


If you are hoping to apply for a mortgage in the near future then you are strongly recommended to contact a competent and experienced mortgage broker, who will know the current situation for each mortgage lender.


The current difficulties will not stop you from purchasing a property, however it will take longer and patience may be required.

It is still a great time to register your interest in properties, and many housing providers are operating online viewings. Use our Property Search tool to find a home that meets your needs.