All I want when I grow up? A home of my own!

Data from a recent survey from Share to Buy shows that getting on the property ladder when they grow up is a priority for under 10s in the UK, with three quarters of kids confirming they would like to purchase their own home when they’re older.

The national survey of one thousand six to ten year olds also showed that youngsters favour coastal abodes, with over a third of respondents stating that their dream home would be by the seaside. Other sought after properties were a house in the countryside and a smart apartment in the city, which were the second and third most popular responses respectively. Over half of those surveyed hoped to get on the ladder before reaching the age of 30.

Nick Lieb, Head of Operations for Share to Buy, comments, “Culturally, the British have tended to favour home ownership over renting. However, with reports that home ownership is falling amongst young people in the UK, we commissioned this survey to see what the next generation of potential home buyers aspire to. It is positive to see that even very young children still prioritise getting their foot onto the housing ladder.

“As the property landscape evolves and minimum deposit levels continue to rise, more and more people are making use of alternative routes onto the ladder such as Shared Ownership and Help to Buy. An emphasis should be placed on these and other affordable home ownership options moving forward to help ensure that our young survey participants are able to live this dream when they grow up.”

Share to Buy is the UK’s leading online portal for Shared Ownership properties. Established in 2004 as the UK’s first specialist online mortgage broker for affordable home ownership products, the site has since developed into a one stop shop for first time buyers, offering the UK’s largest listing of Shared Ownership homes for sale.