Move Over Hygge, Cottagecore is the Most Googled Home Décor Trend in the UK

Online searches for cottagecore have skyrocketed by 4000% over the last year, overshadowing other popular interior trends like Hygge, boho and minimalism. We analysed Google data to uncover the most in-demand accessories to create the style at home. 

What is cottagecore?

When it comes to interior design, the most Insta-worthy trend dominating our feeds this year is cottagecore. A romantic aesthetic that combines idyllic countryside elements with simple comforts to create a cosy, sustainable fantasy of wood, lace, tapestry and florals. At home, there are vivid hallmarks of nan’s living room in the look, which mixes busy textures and layers to create a nostalgic, old-school feel. Similar names include countrycore or grandmacore.

It’s been around for ages, but cottagecore started gaining traction during lockdown as more people turned to Instagram for inspiration to make home life a bit cosier. Since the first half of 2020, Google searches for the trend have grown 543% in the UK alone, making it one of the most prominent home décor styles to watch as we head into 2021.

Interior designer Audrey Whelan says the cottagecore trend became much more relatable for so many people during lockdown.

“When my husband and I bought a run-down thatched cottage in West Ireland to get a break from London, we learned what it’s like to live a slower pace of life, and that’s one of the main components of the cottagecore aesthetic. This year a lot of people have looked to create quiet, cosy spaces for themselves at home, and leaning into the warmth and simplicity of cottagecore is irresistible right now. For anyone looking to bring a few elements of the look into their home, try introducing patterned rugs, mixed-pattern throws, cushions and lampshades, or bring in painted woodwork to add contrast and warmth to white interiors.” 

Most Googled Home Decor Trends in 2020

Hygge’s soothing neutrals and Scandinavian minimalism has been knocked off the trend list this year. Modern rustic and grand millennial are now among the top five most Googled trends, with both tying heavily into the granny chic look of cottagecore.

Trend Instagram mentions Increase in Google Searches
#cottagecore 1,015,368 4074%
#zen 19,911 316%
#transitional 18,485 231%
#modernrustic 26,255 231%
#grandmillennial 20,449 95%

Most Popular Cottagecore Accessories to Create the Look

One of the best parts about this trend is that it’s budget-friendly. Creating a cottagecore bedroom or living space can be done with minimal cash and a few tweaks to existing décor – ideal for those who have just moved into their first Shared Ownership or Help to Buy home and want to make it their own! And if you live in a rented property, you’ll also be able to change up your décor without needing permission.

These are some of the favourite accessories to create the look, according to the number of online searches this year:


Décor Instagram
Increase in
Google searches
#driedflowers 1,447,101 140%
#hangingplants 306,464 112%
#macramewallhanging 920,892 89%
#wallart 576,742 61%
#indoorgarden 1,336,188 52%
#throwpillows 405,290 50%
#tapestry 52,853 47%
#mushroomdecor 4,131 37%
#floralwallpaper 42,130 35%
#airplants 6,091,57 33%
#candledecor 100,466 31%
#pendantlight 156,432 28%
#wallpaper 485,494 28%
#flowerlights 8,222 27%
#fairylanterns 1,709 13%
#crystals 75,659 12%
#antiquefurniture 629,211 9%


Bring in the botanicals

Plants feature on virtually every cottagecore mood board. The aesthetic has strong ties to nature and simple living, which means hanging plants, foliage, woodland tapestry, vines and air plants are essential if you’re going to try and create the perfect ambience. Online searches for dried flowers have risen by 140% on Google, with hanging plants a close second at 112%.

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Textures and wall hangings

Beautiful textures are fundamental for the cottagecore look, which means accessories like macrame wall hangings or tapestries should feature heavily. Floral wallpaper has been a key trend this year, with Google searches growing 35% as more people look for ways to refresh their décor. Stick on wallpaper and stickers are especially useful if you live in a rented house and can only make small, temporary changes.


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Accessories and lighting

Budget-friendly ways to include more cottagecore decor in your home is with fairy lights and lanterns, candles, reclaimed furniture and antiques, botanical prints and dried flowers. All these trending accessories are growing in popularity online right now. Mushroom décor has seen a 37% increase in Google searches due to the trend, with items like glitter mushroom Christmas tree decorations and ornaments set to be big for Christmas gifting.


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