Escape to Northumberland: The top locations for eco-conscious home movers

Eco-friendly living in Northumberland

Buying a home used to just be about finding a home you could afford in an area surrounded by schools and transport links. But now you can add environmental concerns to that list of considerations. For many, home-buying has become about living in an eco-friendly environment where you can do your part to protect Mother Nature. If you consider yourself an eco-conscious home mover, buying a Shared Ownership home in Northumberland could be a wise next step.

With its unspoiled coastline and acres of beautiful countryside, Northumberland is a shining example of the wonders of nature. If you are weighing up a move to Northumberland, here’s what you can expect from this eco-friendly region:

Why Northumberland?

When it comes to natural beauty, you’re unlikely to find a living location that comes close to Northumberland. Here is an area where stunning landscapes and historic attractions open up in front of you. Where more affordable housing means you get extra breathing room to enjoy the thrills of life in the country. Handily, it’s also a region committed to principles of sustainability and eco-friendly living.

Locals in Northumberland have long been engaged in embracing sustainable living practices. They support local farmers’ markets, make use of artisanal produce, and take part in community-led conservation efforts. As a new resident in Northumberland, you’ll be able to join this culture of conservation and support with your own eco-friendly efforts.

Top living locations in Northumberland

With sublime scenery wherever you look, there really isn’t a bad part of Northumberland to live in! To help you narrow down the options, here is a rundown of the most popular and eco-friendly areas in the region:


Located in Northumberland’s scenic countryside, Alnwick is a beautiful place to buy a home. Expect historic charm, plenty of natural beauty, as well as the conveniences of modern living. Take a relaxing stroll along the Northumberland coast, explore the famed Alnwick Castle, or wander through the beautiful flowers at Alnwick Garden, a huge green space that is maintained on the basis of eco-conscious principles. As well as being incredible to look at, Alnwick has everything you need on your doorstep, from schools to leisure facilities and local events.


If you want a laid-back lifestyle in gorgeous surroundings, look no further than Bamburgh. The residents here enjoy a slower, more tranquil pace of life, as well as plenty of varied natural scenery. Here you can swap the allure of the countryside for a golden beach whenever you please. But don’t let that fool you – there’s far more to this city than just pleasant natural scenery. The village has plenty of charming amenities, including quaint shops, cosy pubs, and delightful seafood restaurants. There’s no better way to enjoy an idyllic yet fulfilling way of life.


Craving the peace of the countryside, alongside the thrills of city living? Rothbury is pitched right in the middle. You’ll be surrounded by the picturesque hills of Northumberland National Park, and a serene environment full of stunning scenery. But you’ll also have plenty of local amenities like shops, cafes and cultural attractions within walking distance. You’ll quickly fall in love with the delightful vibe of the village itself, with its charming streets, historic buildings, and friendly community atmosphere.

How to be an eco-friendly home mover

If you move to Northumberland, it won’t take you long to appreciate the vast natural beauty around you. But before you get there, here are a few ways to make your move as eco-friendly as possible:

Be decisive with decluttering

Decluttering your home should be part of your moving checklist originally, but it also reaps plenty of environmental benefits. The less things you own, the less you need to transfer, and the less trips you need to make! With this in mind, go from room to room deciding on what you want to keep, and what you can afford to give away. You can pass your unwanted things to charity shops, friends, or even online buyers. There’s always a chance that your rarely used vacuum cleaner could find a new purpose elsewhere.

Reusable plastic containers over cardboard boxes

One of the first images that comes to mind when you start packing is a cardboard box fit to burst with personal items. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most eco-friendly way of moving things you need. Instead, opt for big and sturdy plastic containers that you can reuse in everyday life. You may even want to use makeshift containers like suitcases or wooden drawers.

Avoid plastic wrapping where possible

If you are travelling with delicate items like plates or vases, you might be tempted to whip out the bubble wrap or styrofoam. But remember, there are more eco-friendly options! Given that plastic wrapping is not recyclable, consider using your towels or blankets to keep your valuables away from harm.

Research your removal services

Depending on how many items you need to shift, it could be that you’ll need to turn to a removal company. To make sure your move is as eco-friendly as possible, do your homework before you decide what service to go with. Ask your removal company if they use energy-efficient vehicles, and if they take the quickest route to avoid carbon emissions. These little steps can make a big difference to your carbon footprint.

A sustainable lifestyle in Northumberland could be just around the corner at Share to Buy. With a choice of striking new-build apartments in Northumberland, we offer plenty of ways for you to start life in the region – without the high costs you might expect. To find out more about new-build homes in Northumberland, as well as affordable homeownership options like Shared Ownership, check out our property portal.