Guest Blog: London and Quadrant launch online commercial to raise awareness of Shared Ownership  

It was recently reported that the number of first time buyers is at an eight year high, with UK Finance releasing figures that show there were 365,000 mortgaged first time buyers in 2017, a 7.4% increase on the previous year.

These buyers include a growing number of Shared Ownership purchasers – a popular alternative route onto the housing ladder, which gives buyers the security and stability to settle in to their new home, with a considerably smaller deposit required.

Continuing to raise awareness of the scheme, L&Q, one of the UK’s largest providers of affordable housing, have launched their new online commercial, which demonstrates how Shared Ownership can help first time buyers to truly settle in to their new home – however they choose to do so!

Exploring different scenarios of first time buyers, the Your Home, Your Way campaign shows three different Shared Ownership households in the first few days of moving in, focusing on settling in and making their home their own (and leaving the unpacking for later!).

Two friends enjoy their first cosy night in, propping up their laptop on unpacked boxes and settling down with a film and a bowl of popcorn; a couple host their first dinner party in their new home, seating guests on a picnic blanket on the floor; and a man prioritises pruning his house plants rather than unpacking kitchen appliances. L&Q’s new campaign shows that however you spend your first day, you can do it your way in your new home.

Visit L&Q’s website to find out more about settling in with Shared Ownership:

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