Keep Homes: Get on the property ladder with a £7,500 deposit

One and two bedroom homes at Cresta House, Luton

Have you ever dreamt about owning your own home and not sure how you will do this? Fed up with renting due to the ever increasing cost? Can no longer use the Help to Buy scheme?

Shared Ownership – is it for you? Have you always been a bit sceptical about the various affordable schemes in the marketplace? You’ve never been sure that they are what they say they are and offer you a truly affordable home?

Well think again…

Take a look at our revolutionary new scheme designed to help prospective homeowners get onto the property ladder. For as little as £7,500 you can buy your new home!

Interior photograph of Cresta House by Keep Homes. Start your property search on Share to Buy!

Whilst we will shortly be launching schemes in a number of areas, our first properties for sale are part of the dramatic redevelopment of Luton town centre, with stunning changes to the public areas as well as the centres skyline. Be a part of the revolution with one and two bedroom apartments at Cresta House, only five minutes from Luton mainline station and 26 minutes to St Pancras.

With a household income of £36,000 and a deposit of just £7,500 (for a 75% share), you could own your own home with no charges for the 25% that you don’t own. That’s no rent or service charge for the part of your home you don’t own EVER. Buy the remaining share in your home as and when you like and work towards full ownership using our step by step approach to homeownership.

We have worked with Luton Borough Council as well as leading building societies to create Your Keep Home. It doesn’t end there, ask about ‘Price Freeze’ (only available on some schemes) and how your property is smart enabled.

New sites launching in 2024. Watch this space, the revolution starts here!

Interior photograph of Cresta House by Keep Homes. Start your property search on Share to Buy!

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