London Home Show Countdown: Red Loft

With a great team of highly experienced sales and marketing professionals, Red Loft has now been providing sales, lettings and marketing support for our housing association, local authority and private developer clients for over five years. The team has a huge amount of experience in selling Shared Ownership, Help to Buy and market sale homes, providing sales consultancy services, and a skilled in-house team who provide detailed marketing intelligence and analysis.

Working across London and the South East, our services are tailored to each client and their needs, with particular emphasis on excellence in the customer journey and building the brand and reputation of our clients. Red Loft are currently selling a large range of homes for Notting Hill Genesis, Richmond Housing Partnership, Croydon Churches Housing Association, North London Muslim Housing Association, London and Quadrant, Golding Homes, Gateway Housing Association, London Borough of Haringey, London Borough of Croydon (Brick by Brick), London Borough of Waltham Forest, Sage Housing Association, and MHS Homes to name a few.

Red Loft currently have properties available through:

Shared Ownership (Part Buy, Part Rent)

A large proportion of our properties are available through Shared Ownership.  This enables purchasers to buy one of our homes available, in stages.  In simple terms you buy a percentage from as little as 25% and then in time – as your circumstances change – the purchaser can increase their shares until they own 100% through a process known as staircasing.  There is a subsidised rent payable on the share unowned which will eventually fall away when 100% is owned.

Older Persons Shared Ownership

This option enables buyers to own 75% of the home, there is usually no rent payable on the remaining share, however this option is limited to purchasers aged 55+ and staircasing is often restricted. Ask us about Hounslow School or Dillion Court if you are interested in finding out more information.

Help to Buy Equity Loan

In London, the Help to Buy equity loan available is 40% with an equity loan of 20% outside of London; the loan is based on the total value of the property and is to be used in conjunction with a 5% deposit from the purchaser. The loan is interest free for the first five years and will then have an interest payable from year six. The purchaser owns 100% of the property. This option is currently available on Tolhurst Mews in Lenham and Ravensdale & Rushden in Crystal Palace.

Outright Sale

A small selection of our homes are available to buy outright, for example Tolhurst Mews in Lenham, Kent.  If you are able to afford to purchase the property using mortgage and or savings then you can purchase 100% with no conditions attached.

To find out more about Red Loft or to search for a home, visit You can also speak with the Red Loft team on Stand 10 at the London Home Show on Saturday 23rd March!

Find out more from Red Loft at Stand 10 during the London Home Show on Saturday 21st September! Book your free tickets to London’s no.1 first time buyer event at the QEII Centre in Westminster: