Northward Bound: Relocating from the South to the North of England

Moving from the South to the North of England – what to expect?

London is a city that draws movers from all over the UK, but the steep cost of living has convinced home-buyers to seek other routes to homeownership. But far more than just an affordable area, the North presents itself as a place full of enduring appeal. What new residents find is an area blooming with possibilities, whether that be in work, entertainment, or natural landscapes.

Are you considering relocating from the South to the cooler and calmer sensibilities of the North? You’re not alone. More and more home-buyers are finding themselves drawn to the charms of northern living. Find out why so many Shared Ownership home-buyers are making the move up North.

Why is moving to the North becoming so popular?

At a time where prices in London are sky-high, living in the North looks more appealing than ever. From cities teeming with life to picturesque rural landscapes, the North offers something for all kinds of lifestyles. You can enjoy a high standard of living, without the higher prices you get in the South. Here are just a few reasons why more home-buyers are making the move:

Affordable housing

One of the biggest challenges faced by people in the South is getting on the property ladder. With high rental prices and lofty deposit sums to think about, many have to wait several years before making their dream of homeownership a reality. Thankfully, that isn’t so much of a problem in the North. The average cost of a home on the open market in North East England is £215,424, compared to £452,000 in South East England.

Career opportunities

London might be a land of opportunity, but that means competition for jobs is higher than in any other part of England. This isn’t as much of a problem up North, where you can land a dream career and a great salary, without having to worry about London prices. The North is rich in industries like tech, healthcare, and education. Whether you’re a recent graduate or seeking to start a business of your own, this is the perfect place to move.

Cultural richness

Once you’ve experienced northern culture, it’s hard to go back to what you know. The friendly locals, countryside views, and cultural attractions will leave an indelible impression on you. And that’s before you talk about the classic British foods that come from the region, from Yorkshire puddings to meaty pies and gravy on chips. Discover a different way of life, one that feels slightly more peaceful and friendly.

Get acquainted with northern dialect:

Listen and observe

While it’s easy to work out when someone’s from up North, there is no such thing as one unifying ‘northern accent’. So depending on where you move, make an effort to listen out for the distinct accents of your new home town. While the Liverpudlian scouse accent is often more quite high pitched and fast, the Yorkshire accent is a lot slower and pronounced. You’ll also have to acquaint yourself with the intricacies of the Mancunian and Geordie accents.

Ask questions

Northerners are known for their friendly and welcoming nature. So if you’re in doubt about a northern phrase or pronunciation, feel free to ask away. With enough practice and listening, you’ll familiarise yourself with the local dialect in no time.

Embrace northern culture:

Explore local attractions

If you think Big Ben and the London Eye are cool, just wait till you see some of the natural landmarks waiting for you in the North. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, the North is home to a plethora of attractions waiting to be discovered. Living in Liverpool will enable you to see the former haunts of The Beatles, while Gateshead is home to the aptly named Angel of the North. By exploring museums, parks, and historical sites in your new area, you can gain a deeper appreciation for its culture and heritage.

Sample regional cuisine

Northern food is known for its hearty flavours and generous portions. These dishes play a central role in northern culture, with each region boasting its own unique culinary traditions and specialties. For example, Yorkshire brought us Yorkshire puddings, while Cumberland sausages come from Cumbria. Wherever you decide to live, be sure to sample the local favourites and dine at neighbourhood eateries to savour the flavours of your new home

Adjust to a cooler climate:

Invest in winter gear

British weather isn’t known for being especially warm – in fact, it’s pretty much the opposite, but even the most weathered inhabitant might find the weather in the North chilly. Before you make the move up North, you may need to reassess your current winter wardrobe. That means a big insulated jacket, knitted scarf, hat and gloves are pretty much essential. You may even want to invest in some winter thermals to layer up if you feel the cold.

Stay active indoors

While London can be a bit of a concrete jungle, the North is graced with swathes of countryside and parks. That means plenty of green spaces to warm yourself up or go for adventurous hikes. The Lake District in Cumbria is England’s largest National Park, and is full of breathtaking lakes and walking paths. There’s also plenty of natural beauty waiting for such as the stunning coastlines of Northumberland.

Embrace seasonal activities

When the days become colder, there are plenty of activities to warm yourself up in the North. There are loads of food festivals to get involved with, including Newcastle Restaurant Week and Manchester Food and Drink Festival – ideal for warming the soul and body in equal measure. Head to Durham Cathedral and marvel at the Norman architecture and rich history within. You can also spend some time exploring the rich art scene in areas like Newcastle and Sunderland, which are full of great theatres and performance venues.

Maintain a connection with the South

Just because you’ve made the move up North, that doesn’t mean the advantages of southern living are out of reach forever. Most northern cities have direct train lines to popular cities like London, enabling you to explore the capital whenever you please, balancing the best of both worlds.

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