Shared Ownership Week 2022 is just around the corner!

What to expect from Shared Ownership Week 2022

Shared Ownership makes homeownership a reality for a first time buyer. Join us for Shared Ownership Week, celebrating the affordable homeownership scheme that doesn’t break the bank. This special week was designed to show first time buyers how they could own a home without the hassle of saving a huge deposit. If you want to own your own home sooner rather than later, it’s an event you simply can’t afford to miss!

But first, what is Shared Ownership?

Shared Ownership might sound like sharing a property with someone else, but this is far from the case. Shared Ownership is a government backed scheme where you buy a share of your home (usually a minimum of 25%) while paying subsidised rent on the shares that you don’t own. If you would like to buy additional shares further down the line, you can “staircase” and eventually, own the whole property.

What can you expect from the week?

Still unsure? The ins and outs of Shared Ownership might seem like a minefield to navigate, but Shared Ownership Week is the best place to get in the know. Shared Ownership has already helped thousands of first time buyers and families onto the property ladder, and you could be next.

With both industry experts and real-life stories, you’ll discover why Shared Ownership has become so popular with first time buyers. Whether you want to get involved in a webinar, get lost in an informative article, or hear from experts in the property industry, Shared Ownership Week has something for everyone.

Find out about all aspects of the home-buying process. If you have a question on home-buying, Shared Ownership Week will give you the answers. That means that you’ll pick up a bundle of first time buyer tips, as well as learning about concepts like rent-to-buy and staircasing. Visit the London Home Show on Saturday 8th October, and you could walk away with some free goodies!

London Home Show infographic 2022

When is it?

Shared Ownership Week will be running from October 5th – 12th 2022, which means there’s still plenty of time to register your interest. Best of all, you can attend from the comfort of your home.

Check out our exciting line-up of events, exclusive articles and real-life stories here.

A snippet of 'stories' - Shared Ownership Week 2022

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