Top 10 home office essentials for agile workers

The best home working must-haves for flexible and hybrid workers

Working from home has become a reality for more people than ever before over the last few years, and with even more employers turning towards agile and hybrid working, having a suitable workspace in your home has never been so important.

From gadgets to furniture, we’ve outlined some of the top must-haves for any home office to help boost comfort, efficiency and productivity.

Essential #1: Desk

Any efficient work from home set-up will start with your desk, a crucial item to get right as the majority, if not all, of your tasks will revolve around this single piece of furniture.

When deciding on a desk, consider your needs and the area you have to work with. For example, in a larger room, an L-shaped desk may be a good option as it offers more space for essentials and can double up as storage for files and paperwork. If you’re working with a smaller room, consider a tidy, freestanding desk which is lightweight and can be moved around when needs be.

If you’re worried about the health risks of being sat behind a screen for long stints at a time but don’t want to commit to a full-time standing desk, you may benefit from a sit/stand desk which can be repositioned throughout the day!

Laptop sat on a desk - Share to Buy's top 10 work from home essentials!

Essential #2: Office chair

When it comes to comfort and posture, your office chair is arguably the most important aspect of a home working environment. When choosing a chair make sure to look for those which offer the necessary support to keep your neck and back in a comfortable position.

Ergonomic chairs are designed for maximum efficiency and comfort which makes them perfect when working at a laptop or computer for long periods of time. Look for features such as seat depth adjustability, adjustable arm height and width, a headrest and support of the lower back.

Woman working on a laptop - Share to Buy's top 10 work from home essentials!

Essential #3: Laptop stand

Whether you solely use a laptop for home working, or your portable computer sits alongside a larger monitor, you may want to add a laptop stand to your office set-up.

A stand will elevate your laptop so it’s closer to your eye level, meaning you’ll no longer need to hunch over to get a closer look at what’s on your screen. The stand can also solve airflow problems that your laptop may have as it will sit flat on an aerated surface, helping to avoid overheating. Stands have many benefits such as protecting your laptop from spills, increasing comfort and are very lightweight making them ideal if you have to work on the move.

Laptop on a black stand  - Share to Buy's top 10 work from home essentials!

Essential #4: Monitor

If you’re looking to increase your productivity during the workday and save time on tedious tasks, purchasing a monitor may be the perfect solution for you as this allows you to work across multiple screens simultaneously.

Having a second screen alongside your laptop will enable you to organise programmes and tabs much better, which will in turn help with your efficiency during work hours. However, it’s worth making sure that your current laptop or computer is compatible with the monitor before you make the purchase!

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Essential #5: Mouse and keyboard

No matter your set-up, a good mouse and keyboard combination can make your workplace look more uniformed and provide different levels of comfort based on the design you choose.

Wireless options are ideal for those who like flexibility and being able to move around throughout the day, however you’ll need to ensure you have plenty of batteries on hand, ideally rechargeable versions which you can reuse time and time again. A cabled mouse and keyboard won’t need batteries but the wires can make a workstation look messy, and there’s a risk of these getting tangled during use. It’s all about finding what works best for you!

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Essential #6: Desk lamp

With the cost of living increasing, many agile workers will be cautious of having their ceiling lights on throughout the day. Helping to lower your electricity bill, a well-designed LED desk lamp will allow you to direct light onto your work surface for a fraction of the cost.

Task lighting can be incredibly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Plus, many lamps will offer flexible designs, adjustable brightness, and on/off switches at an arm’s reach making them ideal if you spend long periods of time at your desk.

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Essential #7: Mug warmer

A mug warmer keeps your beverage of choice warm for as long as you need, which is especially useful when you’re busy with back-to-back meetings.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing that these handy products are specially designed with safety in mind! Many have smart sensors which can detect when there isn’t a mug on the heating pad so it won’t stay on constantly, as well as being able to tell if other objects accidentally find themselves on top of it.

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Essential #8: Noise cancelling headphones

Cancelling out unwanted noise is often a top priority for people whilst working from home. For many, listening to their favourite podcast or playlist is enough to help them keep focussed, while others need more of a distraction – that’s where noise cancelling headphones come in!

Whether you’re looking to block out the sound of children or pets around the house, or outside nuisances like road works and local traffic, noise cancelling headphones can help to improve concentration and reduce stress.

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Essential #9: High-speed internet

If you’re new to working from home, you may not be aware of the greater level of internet speeds required to complete work tasks, especially when compared to smaller activity such as online shopping or scrolling on Instagram.

Whether you’re sending large files back and forth or attending video conferences, you’ll need a strong connection to keep on top of your workload. To save frustration and enable you to operate as efficiently as possible, it’s important to talk to your provider about what they can offer in order to find the best package to suit your needs. If you’re still struggling with your connection at this stage, you can also look into upgraded routers and WiFi boosters to help!

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Essential #10: Creature comforts

Whether you’re working from home full or part time, an optimised workspace can make all the difference to productivity and efficiency, as well as your general happiness and well-being.

Some of the most valuable home essentials are those which are important to you. Whether you like notebooks and organisers, having a cosy blanket nearby, being surrounded by plants, or even want a desktop coffee machine to keep you going throughout the day, spend some time thinking about your environment and how it can work better for you!

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