Top Tips: How to prepare for moving day

Eight ways to prepare for moving home

Buying your own home is a big deal – it’s one of the most exciting and terrifying things you’ll ever experience, in equal measures. You’ve saved your deposit, your offer has been accepted and you’ve finished all of the paperwork. Finally, the keys are yours! But then comes the final task… it’s moving day!

Check out Share to Buy’s tops tips on moving home, and how to ensure that the big day goes as smoothly as possible.


Get organised

Give yourself plenty of time to get organised. In amongst finalising any last minute details or paperwork, allow yourself four to six weeks before the big day to ensure you have enough time to prepare! Get your moving date scheduled in, allowing time to request removal quotes (it’s always worth getting a few!), start de-cluttering your current home and begin the packing process without feeling rushed.


Pack early

A lot of people put off packing because they don’t want to be tripping over boxes in their current abode. However, packing early will mean less things to worry about come the fortnight before moving! Once your moving date is confirmed, start packing up smaller spaces that aren’t used as regularly (think spare bedrooms, garden sheds, or that deepest darkest corner of the loft where you stash all of the Christmas decorations!) and save yourself the hassle down the line.

Pile of boxes packed up and ready for moving day


Spring clean

If there was ever a time to de-clutter your home, it’s ahead of moving to a new one! Sorting through all of your belongings ahead of the big day will ensure that you’re not wasting time packing and moving things that you don’t actually need and won’t have space for in your new place.

Young couple cleaning their home and packing boxes before moving


Clever labelling

This might sound obvious but as the excitement (and inevitable stress) of moving kicks in, things like labelling boxes correctly can be easily forgotten. The general rule of thumb is to use a permanent marker to write which room the box is destined for and what contents are inside – especially if they’re fragile. However, there are alternative methods if you’re running short on time such as categorising rooms by colours and using bright stickers to differentiate between them.


The right materials

Picking the right materials for what you’re packing is a must. Boxes that aren’t strong enough can collapse under heavy weight, while black bags full of clothes can tear open (or worse, be mistaken for rubbish and get thrown away). Pick the right materials for the contents, and ensure that you have all the necessary tools including packing tape, bubble wrap, box cutters, marker pens and labels.


Essentials box

Consider this your survivors kit; a box of essential bits and bobs that stay with you, rather than going off with the removal team. Include things that will speed up the unpacking process or help to manage the mess such as box cutters, paper towels and bin bags. Then think about the things that you’ll want or need straight away at your new home – we’re talking kettle, mugs, teabags and toilet roll here!

Single essentials box on the floor next to a drawing of an orange heart



Do a thorough walkthrough of your current place once everything is packed up, being sure to check all cupboards and drawers. In amongst the mayhem of moving day, it’s easy to forget those little hideaway areas such as cupboards under the stairs and garden sheds, so be sure to check every nook and cranny before sending the removals team off on their way!

Silver key on a house key chain in door of an empty room


Update your address

Something so important that gets forgotten so often. As soon as your move date is confirmed, it’s worth updating any people or places that you have regular correspondence with – this includes your bank, doctor’s surgery, dentist, utility providers and place of work. It’s also worth having any post redirected to your new address via the Post Office; while there may be a small charge for this, it does ensure that no important letters go missing once you’ve moved.

Laptop, phone and notebook on a wooden table

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