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Shared Ownership Case Studies

Shared ownership in Islington, London

Charlie and his young family bought a second hand ‘resale’ part buy part rent home near Canonbury/Highbury, Islington with the help of Share to Buy, a place you would not normally think of as affordable. They say:

Shared ownership in Islington, London

We were in contact with Share to Buy from early on in our house hunting journey. We'd opted for shared ownership and after having initiated the assessment process with Family Mosaic, our research in S.O. mortgages landed us on Share to Buy's doorstep. As a first time buyer, it's an onerous journey - there's a lot to understand and a lot to be frustrated by. We learnt a lot as we went along and what made the process of learning less painful by far was the indefatigable support and willingness Share to Buy provided us.

Most people have horror stories about buying a house, and whilst we were lucky compared to many with what we had to endure at the hands of the mortgage lenders, Share to Buy were continually searching for ways to ease our pain when lenders suddenly changed opinion on interest rates or even towards lending to us.

When we eventually secured our mortgage, with a lot of attention provided by Share to Buy to ensure paperwork was being processed by lenders and that we had provided all relevant information, it felt a shame our relationship with Share to Buy had to end!

We're giving Share to Buy 10 out of 10 - they listened to us, quietly held our hands whilst we ranted and rang us up afterwards to congratulate us on our move; it really was gold star treatment. Thanks.

Shared ownership in Buckinghamshire

Ben & Jules puchased a semi-detached house in Aylesbury with the help of Share to Buy. They told us about their experience buying a shared ownership home:

When we stared looking for a Shared Ownership Mortgage we were shocked at the limit of choice. We discussed our options with a number of different mortgage brokers and the mortgage offers we were shown weren't great but seemed to be our only choice. Many of which had quite high APRs.

Luckily for us we then discovered Share To Buy. They immediately found us an amazing Shared Ownership mortgage that none of the other brokers were even aware of as only Share To Buy were able to offer this exclusive deal which was far far better. We dealt with Debbie and she took all the stress out of the mortgage process and answered all our questions. This then meant we had more time and energy to look at the other aspects of owning our first home.

We would recommend Share To Buy to anyone starting out on the housing ladder as they can get fantastic deals that the high street banks simply can't offer.

Shared ownership in Northampton

Jay, Susi and family bought a shared ownership house in Northampton with the help of Share to Buy. They told us:

Shared ownership in Northampton

We had always wanted our own home. With little money behind us and only one of us working we always believed we'd never be able to achieve it. Having 3 children, all of varying ages and needs plus only one wage coming in, we never would have thought that sitting in our new home today would have been a reality.

We had been local council tenants since being together and having our third child. We desperately wanted to own our own home. After many searches and visits to new build house locations we finally found the home for us. All we needed to sort out now was the mortgage. We are so pleased we came across Share to Buy. After reading their website and other case reports we wasted no time in applying.

To this day and being in our new home for nearly 3 months now, we are so grateful to Share to Buy for their continued support and dedication to our case. They helped us for over 2 months. After one major mortgage company turning us down, Share to Buy threw us a life line. They never gave up on us. The time and help that was given through the Share to Buy team was fantastic.

Thank you so much Share to Buy. You really care about people and work hard and efficiently to make each and every one of their customers satisfied.


Share to Buy Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA register number 306800. You can find more detail on our status in our Initial Disclosure Document [109k] and Terms of Business.

For further information, contact us or write to: Share to Buy, PO Box 11998, Sudbury CO10 3BS. Registered in England and Wales no: 04909788.