Shared Ownership in Houghton Regis

If you are a first time buyer, you may worry that your home ownership aspirations are beyond your reach. Thankfully, Shared Ownership homes in Houghton Regis could be your ideal answer, offering an affordable way to take that vital first step onto the property ladder. Help to Buy homes in Houghton Regis are also perfect for buyers looking to settle down somewhere special.

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Known in the Domesday Book as Houstone, it’s fair to say that Houghton Regis has been around for a fair few years. It is, in fact, significantly older than many of its surrounding areas, which are themselves far from lacking in distinguished history.

When you look at the places that lie beyond the borders of Houghton Regis – at the likes of Dunstable, Luton and Bedfordshire more generally – it’s important to note that this is a place which does not exist as an island. All the benefits these areas boast are located close enough to be enjoyed in general by the residents in Houghton Regis and its neighbouring parts.

This, of course, includes that shared history which provides so many things to see and experience. It also gives the area as a whole a greater sense of community, individuality and depth that can only be forged by centuries upon centuries of time and growth. It helps that much of this heritage can be so easily appreciated in the spectacular examples of architecture, which are as attractive as they are interesting. But they aren’t the only thing which makes Houghton Regis a treat for the eyes.

There are also many beautiful green spaces, providing a place where people of all ages can get outside, breathe in the fresh air in a healthy environment and enjoy fun family days out together. Speaking of bringing people together, Houghton Regis’ legendary community spirit is exemplified by the many free events held throughout the year. This busy calendar also showcases the diversity of culture here, with everything from a carnival and a pancake race to a classic and vintage car show taking place, to give but a few examples.

Perhaps more important though are the day-to-day examples of Houghton Regis’ community. The shops, pubs, places to eat and all the other independent businesses create opportunities and conveniences here, as well as provide the foundation for which the residents of Houghton Regis can thrive.