Shared Ownership in Wealden District Council

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Wealden District Council takes its title from the Weald forest. Although the wild woods which once dominated the whole of the area have been somewhat tamed nowadays, they still occupy a lot of the land here, especially in the north.

More importantly, the untamed spirit of its woodland history lives on. Have little doubt about it, a huge part of the attraction to Wealden comes down to its outstanding natural beauty, whether it be the white cliffs known as the Seven Sisters, its famous rich forestry, the country parks, river valleys or any other number of examples which make it such an exceptionally gorgeous place to live.

On top of this, it’s also an area with a great sense of fun, and an ideal one for families at that. Adventure and water parks wonderfully complement the natural parks and gardens to create even more incredible memories. And of course, there are all the local businesses which provide all the little thing you need to make day-to-day life that much more comfortable and convenient.

Speaking of convenience, Wealden is also connected to the East Coastway and Uckfield Branch line and has motorway routes to London, Eastbourne, Brighton, Winchester and more. So, whether you want to explore everything the district has to offer or head further afield to the rest of the country, you’ll be well-catered for here.