Is Sunderland the spot for you?

What to expect living in Sunderland

Swathes of countryside, seaside days, and the advantages of city living. Just a few of the things that you can expect with a Shared Ownership home in Sunderland. This historic city has something for all kinds of lifestyles, brimming with the possibility of new adventures and experiences. Whether it’s work or entertainment you seek, this special city has everything in abundance.

Thinking about moving to Sunderland? It’s definitely a decision you won’t regret. Here is everything that you can expect living in this charming city:

An affordable way of life

Of the many joys of Sunderland, it’s hard to overlook how affordable everything is. This starts with the house prices (a home on the open market costs just £163,402 on average*) but also includes a very budget-friendly cost of living – from food to drinks and entertainment. To purchase a private sale flat in Sunderland, you’ll have to part with around £95,272 which is generally much lower compared to other cities across the country. That means plenty of extra spending money to play around with while enjoying the highlights of Sunderland living.

Coastal location

Sunderland might not make your mind wander to the great outdoors, but maybe it should. After all, this scenic city is situated on the coast, meaning your next beach day or scenic walk could be just around the corner. Sunderland features underrated beaches like Roker Beach and Seaburn Beach, the perfect way to spend a sunny weekend. Take in a stunning sunset, dip your toes in the sand, and enjoy a day out to remember.

Arts and Culture

As a port city, Sunderland has a rich maritime history as a shipbuilding hub in the UK. Take some time to explore the city, and you can step back in time to discover what makes the city so special. Discover a variety of fascinating exhibitions at the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, or gaze at the intricate collections of the National Glass Centre. You can also catch a spectacular show at the Sunderland Empire Theatre, or come face to face with Britain’s proud architectural heritage at Hylton Castle.

Things to do in Sunderland

For the nature-lovers among us, Sunderland is graced with plenty of parks and nature reserves. Highlights include Herrington Country, Hetton Lyons and Roker Park, which offer a mixture of wildlife spotting, scenic walkways, and open green spaces. Whether you want to host a picnic or take your dog for a walk, you’ll never have to wander too far for a tranquil green space.

At the city centre, you can also count on a host of great restaurants and shopping opportunities. The Bridges Shopping Centre is the go-to shopping destination, featuring up to 90 different retail favourites, while nearby retail park The Galleries boasts a leisure centre and bowling alley. There’s also a ton of delightful restaurants on Sunderland high street, with something for even the most picky of eaters.

Handy transport links

If you want to enjoy convenient transport in and around your city, Sunderland is the place to be. There are excellent road and travel links, making it easy to explore other parts of the UK. Within the city, you can take advantage of regular buses and the metro to get where you need to be, whether it’s for work or pleasure.

Employment opportunities

Moving to Sunderland for work? With a variety of different thriving sectors, you certainly won’t be disappointed. The city stands out with reasonable wages, special transport links, and entrepreneurial spirit. This is a great place to get your business off the ground, with plenty of opportunities in sectors like education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Proximity to other cities

Fancy a change of pace? At Sunderland, you’ll get to take advantage of being close to other big cities like Newcastle (15 miles away) and Durham (13 miles). These cities bring with them a broader range of amenities, shopping hotspots, and different cultural experiences. In other words, all of the ingredients you need to enjoy a memorable weekend trip.

Sunderland is a lot more budget-friendly than neighbouring cities, but there are ways of making home-buying even more affordable. At Share to Buy, you can take advantage of home-buying schemes like Shared Ownership to land the home of your dreams. Just head over to our property portal to start searching for the right home for you.

*Data obtained from RightMove