Top UK Home Improvement and DIY Trends 2021


Lockdowns and working from home over 2021 changed our disposable income spending habits. Unable to go out to events, restaurants and pubs, Brits instead turned their attention towards the domestic, spending £40.6 billion on items to make time at home more enjoyable. Every month, 5.4 million search Google for topics relating to DIY and 259,100 for home improvements. What specific household items and DIY home improvement trends have defined our purchasing habits in 2021?

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Tables of the top home improvement trends of 2021 including household items, DIY trends and interior design trends


The Top 30 Home Improvement Items of 2021

Search Trend YOY % Change YOY Difference
Air Fryer 96.36% 1,326,595
Home Wind Turbine 90.03% 22,422
Draft Excluders 87.55% 17,750
Air Heat Pump 67.43% 10,886
Candles in Glass 65.23% 4,207
Ground Source Heat Pump 65.18% 55,718
Luxury Candles 36.71% 13,277
Seesaw 32.59% 3,024,887
Condenser Tumble Dryer 30.32% 136,028
Garden Furniture 28.44% 3,371,437
Integrated Fridges 22.26% 30,268
Electric Fireplace 21.82% 175,888
Gaming Consoles 21.51% 13,891
Reclining Sofas 19.42% 34,414
Induction Hob 18.74% 92,834
Dehumidifier 16.67% 174,712
Dinner Set 15.58% 152,125
Solar Panels 14.71% 72,470
Slabs for Garden 14.02% 43,912
Coffee Machine 13.62% 250,294
Bathroom Lights 13.42% 79,954
Side Table 13.27% 120,933
Mini Fridge 13.12% 195,558
Console Table 13.07% 150,038
Bathroom Tiles 10.61% 102,192
Sofa Bed 10.56% 315,617
Mattress Topper 9.57% 72,817
Sofas 9.12% 316,545
Gazebos 8.93% 420,354
Ceiling Lights 7.26% 134,961


In 2021, Brits are upgrading their time at home across the board. Millions are enjoying delicious home-cooked meals with new air fryers and induction hobs. Saving money while staying warm is a priority during winter months, with home wind turbines, draft excluders, air heat pumps and ground source heat pumps all among our top 10 home improvement items. And thousands of us are enjoying an ambient atmosphere at home with luxury and glass candles.

The Top 30 DIY Home Improvement Trends of 2021

Search Trend Monthly Search Volume
DIY Kitchens 90,500
Furniture Restoration 4,400
DIY Garden Ideas 3,600
DIY Wall Panels 3,600
DIY Bird Feeder 2,900
DIY Fire Pit 2,900
DIY Panelling 2,900
DIY Conservatory 2,400
DIY Greenhouse 2,400
DIY Pergola 2,400
DIY Pizza Oven 2,400
DIY Shutters 2,400
DIY Tiles 2,400
DIY Built-In Wardrobes 1,900
DIY Fitted Wardrobes 1,900
DIY Garden Bar Ideas 1,900
DIY Garden Furniture 1,900
DIY Headboard 1,900
DIY Wardrobe 1,900
DIY Desk 1,600
DIY Garden Room 1,600
DIY Hot Tub Shelters 1,600
DIY Shed 1,600
DIY Shelves 1,600
DIY Water Feature 1,600
DIY Air Conditioner 1,300
DIY Bar 1,300
DIY BBQ 1,300
DIY Deck 1,300
DIY Hot Tub 1,300
DIY Loft Conversion 1,300
DIY Paint 880


Over 2021, those with a flair for DIY have taken on extra projects to keep themselves busy and upgrade their home. Spending outside during summer has been a key focus, with thousands searching online for DIY garden ideas, DIY bird feeders, DIY fire pits and more. And following the success of Bridgerton, many took to the internet to learn how to try their hand at DIY wall panelling and furniture restoration.

However, the biggest DIY home improvement trend by far is DIY kitchens. 90,500 of us search for DIY kitchens every month to find inspiration, products, tips and how-to guides for this essential hub of the house.

The Top 30 Interior Design Trends of 2021

Search Trend Monthly Search Volume
Cottagecore 49,500
Marble Wallpaper 27,100
Marble Coffee Table 22,200
Marble Dining Table 22,200
Wall Murals 18,100
Marble Table 9,900
Marble Tiles 9,900
Marble Side Table 8,100
Yellow and Grey Wallpaper 6,600
Marble Flooring 6,600
Marble Table and Chairs 6,600
Marble Worktops 6,600
Black Marble 5,400
Grey and Yellow Bedroom 3,600
Grey and Yellow Living Room 3,600
Grey and Yellow Rug 3,600
Yellow and Grey Curtains 3,600
Cottagecore Wallpaper 2,400
Mall Mural Wallpaper 2,400
Cottagecore Bedroom 1,900
Bedroom Wall Murals 1,900
Yellow and Grey Bedding 1,900
Yellow and Grey Cushions 1,900
Maximalist   Decor 1,600
Kids Wall Mural 1,300
Yellow and Grey Wall Art 1,300
Cottagecore Room 1,000
Grey and Yellow Bathroom 880
Grey and Yellow Kitchen 880
Regency   Carpets 720


Marble tables, wall murals and Pantone’s colours of the year, yellow and grey, are in high demand among homeowners redecorating in 2021. But when it comes to our favourite interior design trend, cottagecore comes on top.

Cottagecore embraces connecting with nature and sustainable living: think houseplants, rustic furniture and neutral palettes. Nearly 50,000 Brits search online for cottagecore inspiration and items per month and the trend has a total of 8.1 billion TikTok views.

Which UK city undertakes the most home improvements?

Some locations have been investing in home improvements more than others. Here are the top places undertaking home improvements in the UK:

City Interest in Home Improvement*
Bournemouth 82
Derby 82
Watford 80
Stoke-on-Trent 77
Bolton 75
Glasgow 75
Northampton 74
Portsmouth 72
Hull 71
Southampton 69
Leeds 69
Peterborough 68
Liverpool 68
Birmingham 66
Croydon 65
Luton 65
Edinburgh 64
Norwich 63
Sheffield 63
Bristol 62
Cardiff 62
Manchester 60
Newcastle upon Tyne 58
Leicester 58
Belfast 58
London 58
Brighton 57
Plymouth 56
Brentford 55
Reading 55
Aberdeen 55
Ilford 55
Nottingham 50
Cambridge 43
Thames Ditton 41

*Scores based on Google Trends data where 100 is the most interested a location can be.

Home improvement trends have changed since lockdown ended

Online interest in ‘home improvement’ has steadily slowed over 2021. Interest peaked in February amid the UK’s lockdown, and since then has slowly declined by 80% towards the end of October.

“Freedom Day” on July 19th 2021 certainly made an impact, causing a 34% plummet in demand for home improvement items in just two weeks. In the period since “Freedom Day”, total online interest in home improvement items has been 31.6 million lower (-16.9%) than the same period in 2020. With the outside world once again opening its doors, attention has moved away from the home and towards spending money on clothes, events, restaurants and bars.

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Method & Sources
Home improvement trends based on MediaVision’s Digital Demand Tracker and Google Trends. DIY trends, interior design trends and overall search volumes based on SEMRush data.