Staircasing Mortgage Agreement in Principle

Staircasing agreement in principle or full application

If you are just researching the potential to staircase, but have not yet began the process, you can use our Shared Ownership Staircasing calculator and submit an agreement in principle application with a lender or mortgage broker later down the line.

What is staircasing?


When should you apply for a staircasing agreement in principal?

You can apply for a Shared Ownership mortgage agreement in principal when:

  • you have been offered a property or asked by the housing association/seller to obtain an agreement in principle and need to find a mortgage
  • or are looking at specific properties and may need a mortgage soon

Use our Mortgage Comparison tool to search for mortgages from across the market, and when you see an offer you are interested in, you can contact the lender directly or contact a specialist Shared Ownership mortgage broker.

If you are just researching potential costs for a Shared Ownership mortgage, and do not yet have any specific properties in mind, you should generally use our Shared Ownership mortgage calculator and submit an agreement in principle further down the line.

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