Staircasing Mortgage Agreement in Principle

Staircasing agreement in principle or full application

Submit an agreement in principle application for your Staircasing mortgage to the Share to Buy mortgage team if you are ready to buy more shares in your Shared Ownership home.

Apply for an agreement in principle

If you are just researching the potential to staircase, but have not yet began the process, you can use our Shared Ownership Staircasing calculator and submit an agreement in principle further down the line.

How it works

  • You submit personal details about each applicant using our secure online agreement in principle application form.
  • We will respond with illustrations for mortgages that you may be able to apply for, ideally showing you a range of competitively priced options.
  • At this point, we will not have run any credit checks and when we send you the illustrations there is no obligation to proceed any further.
  • If you like one of the options, you can request an agreement in principle from the lender and this may involve a credit check but we would only conduct a credit check with your explicit consent.
  • If you pass the initial check and have not yet had an offer accepted on a property, you can now provide proof that you should be able to obtain a mortgage. If you have had an offer accepted, you can log back in to complete a ‘full application’, i.e. providing property details, solicitor etc. We will then arrange the mortgage for you right up to completion, taking care of any paperwork or fees (where appropriate) and keeping you regularly updated as to developments.

Important notes

  • There is no fee for submitting the agreement in principle application.
  • An agreement in principle is not binding on either you or the lender and is always subject to, amongst other items, valuation of the property and proof of income.

Start Staircasing by applying for an agreement in principle or contact our specialist mortgage team.

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