Top Tips: How to freshen up your home on a budget

Eight quick and easy ways to brighten up your home

While many of us would love to redecorate or splurge a little on brand new furniture, that’s not always an option. However, there are small things that you can do to freshen up your home on a budget – and by small things, we mean stuff that won’t break the bank or take an entire weekend to do!


Think In Three

If you’re the kind of person who usually sticks to one large piece or an endless array of small trinkets out on show, try to mix things up. Arrange a handful of objects (say, three or more) of varying sizes and colours in a small cluster on your coffee table or side cabinet and it will instantly feel like more of a ‘display’. 


Get Framed

Who says your children’s drawings are just for the fridge door? If you have a wall that’s looking a little bare, buy a selection of different sized frames and have the kids pick out their favourite drawings to hang up. If you fancy a little extra arts and crafts session, you could even buy plain white frames and paint them together as a family!


Straighten Up

Getting organised doesn’t have to mean pulling out every cupboard and secret storage spot in your home. Instead, just spend a little time de-cluttering and straightening up areas that tend to get a little extra messy – this can include the pile of clothes in the corner of the bedroom, the stray papers on your desk, or the bric-a-brac out in the hallway. For more ideas on how to get your home in order, check out our top tips for organising your home!


Love Linen

We’re talking in every room here! The dining table is a focal point in many living areas, so why not treat yourself to a bright new cover, while new sheets and duvet covers can make a bedroom feel completely different. On the other hand, if your bathroom is feeling a bit samey, a selection of new towels can inject a bit of colour.


Seeing Green

This probably seems like the most obvious way of brightening up your abode, but it really does work! Plants breathe so much life and colour into any room, whether you want to surround yourself with tall, tropical beauties, bunches of your favourite seasonal blooms or only have space for a handful of succulents. If you love being surrounded by nature, why not check out our tips on bringing the outdoors into your home!



Shelf Life

If you’re struggling to find a home for everything and would just like some additional storage space, then putting up a shelf is a quick and easy solution. It’s a place to keep your collection of books or display your favourite trinkets, and will also help to add a bit of character to your current interiors.


Handle It

If you think your kitchen could do with a bit of a spruce, then changing the cupboard door handles is a simple way of doing just that! Many online retailers and most home ware stores offer endless options with varying sizes and colours to choose from – whether that be classic, quirky or completely out there – to help liven up the room that acts as the heart of many homes!


Chalk It Up

You’ve heard of the traditional chalkboard, but what about chalkboard paint? An ever-popular choice in homes across the country, many people have whole walls dedicated to the stuff. But if you’re looking for something a little subtler, why not buy yourself a can of this paint and spray it inside one of the kitchen cupboards? You can then use this space to write up your weekly calendar or shopping list, ridding you of those random scraps of paper left around the home.

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